Piper Palm House

Cafe Madeleine is located inside the Piper Palm House.


Constructed in 1878, the Palm House is the oldest standing conservatory west of the Mississippi River, and the most historically significant building in Tower Grove Park. The Palm House was built to house the park’s ornamental tropical plants, which decorate the park lawns during the summer and are displayed inside the building during the winter. It was designed by famed architect George I. Barnett in the Italianate style.

Outside the front doors, the spacious Stupp Plaza overlooks beautifully landscaped lily ponds.

Seating capacity of the Piper Palm House is a comfortable 150 with use of the provided round tables and chairs. More guests can be accommodated at standing events or with combined use of the building and plaza. A year-round brunch/buffet, Café Madeleine, is offered on Sunday’s from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., and is increasingly popular as a refreshing oasis for park visitors.

The Piper Palm House, with its distinctive architecture, soaring ceiling and stately windows is the perfect venue for any social gathering, whether it be a wedding or a birthday party. The plants, which are permanent fixtures in the building, make it a magnificent and beautiful place to hold a celebration.

Authentic horse-drawn carriage service can be combined with Piper Palm House events for an enjoyable and unique experience.

Comparable to the Kensington Orangery in London or the Pavillion du Lac at Park Buttes-Chaumont in Paris, the Piper Palm House provides an ambiance unlike any in the region.

The Piper Palm House and Stupp Plaza are available for reserved use. For more information, call the Piper Palm House at 314.771.4465.

Tower Grove Park

Tower Grove is one of only a small handful of municipal parks in the country designated as a National Historic Landmark. Donated to the City of St. Louis in 1868 by Henry Shaw, its 289 acres make it the second largest park in the city.

Tower Grove Park has ten colorful Victorian pavilions, a Music Stand surrounded by busts of great musicians, heroic-scale statues of historic figures, mock ruins, fountains, lily pools and of course, the Piper Palm House.

Known not only for its outstanding architecture and historic structures, Tower Grove Park has a greater diversity of trees and shrubs than any other urban park in the country, featuring over 340 varieties and more than 8,000 specimens.

But the most important attribute of Tower Grover Park is that is provides a wonderful setting for enjoyable park experiences, and has for over 125 years. The Park is host to over one million visitors every year who enjoy softball, soccer, tennis, corkball and Frisbee, as well as strolling, jogging and picnicking. Visitors revel in the fanciful Victorian pavilions and sculptures commissioned by Henry Shaw.

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